Monday, July 14, 2008

Along for the ride...

I was fortunate enough to get to ride along with paramedics in Mexico City Saturday night. After waking up Saturday morning and getting the address for an ambulance station operating in the neighborhood where I'm residing, I took a short bus ride to check it out only to find the station to be a house with an elderly women living there. She said the station had moved but her son Carlos worked there. Two minutes later Carlos was on the phone explaining that most ambulances in Mexico City are private and operated by volunteers and there actually is no station. Many paramedics here buy ambulances and park them at their homes. He didn't own one himself but knew someone who did. After a few minutes Carlos simply said to come back at 7:00 and an ambulance would pick me up. At 7:15 that evening a doctor and a medical technician showed up and after a brief introduction we were off. They said to put on one of their jackets and to just say I work for them if a cop questions me on a scene. When we took off in the van for the first call...Flying full throttle past traffic with the sirens blasting as I bounced around the back......unforgettable.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Saint Death

Saint Death Mass in Tepito on July 1st.

Mercado Merced...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I spent this past week working with the ngo Project Luz teaching children from the community photography. It was an amazing experience to share the gift I love so much with such promising youth. It was a very busy week but I was able to make a few images when I was out with the kids roaming around the city with open eyes. Nothing too heavy, but here are a few singles fro my week. Today was the first day I had free since I arrived in Mexico City. It has been all work these past few weeks with the Foundry Workshop and then Project Luz. It was great getting to know so many great shooters and learn so much at the workshop and rewarding to see those kids big eyes light for photography up during project luz. Now it is time to fly free and do some work. I will be here in Mexico City for a while longer feeling out a project before heading down south to Oaxaca then onto Guatemala. When it rains it pours.....wet season in one of the most populated city's in the mexico city blues in my stomach from all this fried street food.

A family I came across while roaming the streets

Men play cards near the city's center

A girl holds her hand out to stop trafic as she crosses a street with her mother

A colorful scene from a market

A women dances in a city park