Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Folsom Street Fair

The Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco is the worlds largest leather fetish fair in the world. Anything goes at the fair, really anything, only in SF this stuff goes down. I tried to refrain from shooting the numerous sex acts that take place along the streets and just looked for light late in the evening.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Engagement Photo: Edgewood Park

An engagement photo session with Stella and David. This is what I have been shooting these days. Since returning home I have photographed 5 weddings in the San Francisco area. I will start to use this blog for its intended use, as a journal of my photography. Different days, different frames, different stories to tell.

China Town

Autumn Moon Festival in Chain Town. About the only photo I have taken since being back in SF. Uhhhh...The system, shock and survival...Every time I come back I return minus a fraction... fractions of heart and soul...they remain in the scattered spots I passed through with the many friends I made along the way. About at the point of uplifting, stories are in the making back here and It's time now to edit my recent work and start seeing more.